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10 Signs You Have Too Many Plants

10 Signs You Have Too Many Houseplants

A somewhat unexpected trend this past year has been an increased interest in owning houseplants. Decades ago, our parents’ homes were filled with pots of ferns, flowers, and even trees. This décor element is back! No longer are plants relegated to the herb pot in the kitchen. As we strive to use more natural décor products, homes are once again filled with living design features. But have you gone too far?

  1. You live in a jungle – Boho designs often include plants, but if you’re pushing aside leaves to walk around your home, you’ve gone too far.

  2. You panic when you see a dead leaf – Remember, leaves do die to make room for new growth.

  3. You have “plant babies” – Do you hire a plant-sitter for weekend trips?

  4. Your plants have names – Are you inviting friends to a Zoom birthday for your rhododendron? This could be a problem.

  5. You have a plant wall – Have you replaced your bookshelves or family photos with a wall of plants?

  6. You talk to your plants – As long as they don’t talk back, you could still be okay.

  7. You post throwback plant pictures – Nobody needs to see your monthly plant milestone pictures on social media. “Remember when it was just a little seedling? Aww…”

  8. You take plant family selfies – You might have too many plants if every selfie includes your plant family.

  9. You have a plant tattoo – Is your favorite plant immortalized on your forearm?

  10. You have a favorite plant – Enough said, you have too many plants.

It’s good to “go green”; houseplants can purify our air, improve our mood, and bring a taste of the outdoors inside. But if your home looks like it needs trimming—or mowing—you may have too many houseplants.

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