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First Time Buying a House?

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Don't wait to take your first steps into the home buying process. I understand the ins and outs of buying a home. Learn the process with free consultations with me and walk away with a better understanding of the process and a personal Buyer's Guide. The process is simpler than you think. 



Pre Approval

This step will help you better understand your loan options. Having a pre approval when you start your search makes your offer more attractive to sellers and real estate agents. In this step, I can connect you with reputable lenders in your area today



Yay! You found the house for you! Now it's time to submit your offer. You and your realtor will discuss the details of an offer based on what is in your best interest. During this time you will include *earnest money with your offer.



An appraisal is usually required when a borrower uses a mortgage loan to buy a house. Cash buyers don't necessarily need one. The primary objective is to determine the current market value of your home. If a homes comes in with an appraisal lower than your purchase price, you and the sellers can take this time to re-negotiate a purchase price. You, as the buyer, also have the option to deposit the difference in the low appraisal to make up the difference. 



Now it's time to start the search. At John L Scott we are a part of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World. The members have an uncommon commitment to service and integrity. Our network spans 70 countries. Check out my app for an up-to-date view of everything on the market in your area. 



Now it's time for your inspection. I have resources to the top inspectors in your area. They will set an appointment to make a check list of items that need attention on the property. You and the sellers will have a time to negotiate items that the seller may correct before closing.


Closing Day

FINALLY, you have arrived to the CLOSING DAY! A few days in advance you will schedule a time to sign all of the documents with the **escrow company. Once the agreed upon closing date arrives I will set a meeting with you to receive your new house keys. Congrats!

Even if you are moving out of the Washington area, I can refer you to reputable and vetted agents in the area that you are relocating to. 

Nikki Stankiewicz - REALTOR

*earnest money - A good faith deposit. Shows that you are serious about your offer. You can recieve this deposit back at closing or put it towards your closing costs

**escrow company - they act as a neutral third party to collect the required funds and documents involved in the closing process from the initial earnest money deposit and loan documents to the signed deed. 

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